H3 Dual Dynamic driver HiFi Earphone With Microphone

Dual dynamic driver design, high quality sound effect In-line control,volume control

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We are making the product for iPhone,MFi Certificated By Apple Inc 

Hi-resolution certificate By Sony

Annual sales of 20 million pieces of headphones

End customers are always looking for the most innovative experience,H3 is the dual dynamic driver headphones with super cost-effective performance.


Secure and comfortable fitting with "Honeycomb fit earpiece", lightweight, compact, and comfortable.

Double Driver Design
Double speaker driver,double sound effect.

Enjoy smooth bass and clear mid-range response from small, sensitive φ 6mm dynamic drivers built to express the energy in music.

Beautiful color option -  These earphones have coordinated color schemes. The earphone bodies, earphone tips, and cable are a similar shade, and they come in a choice of three colors, including classic black or white.

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