Why do mini wireless earbuds bluetooth headphones have left and right ears

1 Match the principle of music recording
The music is recorded with two microphones in the left and right channels during recording, in order to ensure high reproduction of the playback. L="Left", R="Right", the left and right ears will receive the sound effects of the left and right channels through the headphones. When using mini wireless earbuds bluetooth headphones, we should pay attention to distinguish between left and right ears.


2. Create a stereo effect
Most people can distinguish between space, direction and level by left and right ears. The difference between the left and right channels allows the listener to distinguish the position of the sound and restore the sense of space based on the recorded audio. Good stereo, the listener can discern the direction of the sound source and the process of moving the sound source. So we use portable mini wireless earbuds to listen to concerts with an "immersive" feeling~
3 left and right ear structure is different
Due to the different construction of the left and right ears, in order to make us feel better when using it, the ture mini bluetooth headphone will be different in design.

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